Plugin update

Update procedure can vary from plugin to plugin but the common steps are the same and listed below. Also it's recommended to check README file shipped with a plugin before update it.

The process

Get the plugin

First of all you need to download new version of plugin's sources. In the most cases plugin's author provides prepared .zip or .tar.gz archive with the plugin sources.

All officially approved plugins are listed at page.

Update sources

When you've got the plugin's archive you should extract files from it and replace old plugin's files with new ones.

For example, files of "FooCorp:Connector" plugin should be situated in <mibew base path>/plugins/FooCorp/Mibew/Plugin/Connector/ directory.

Warning: Letters case in the path is important!

It's highly recommended to backup files before replace them.

Update database

After plugin's files are updated the database should be updated too. To do so navigate to <mibew base URL>/operator/plugin page and click on "update" link in plugin's row.

It's highly recommended to backup database before the update.

If the plugin was updated correctly the value in "state" column will be changed to "working". If it does not check apache's error log for details about the problem.