Build System

The build process is needed to download third-party libraries, compile templates, minify and concatenate JavaScript files, etc. It means that you have to use build system if you want to modify Mibew's Core or use the latest unreleased version from the respository.

Mibew uses Gulp.js as a build system. You also needs node.js and npm to make Gulp works. For the most common tasks PHP is also needed.

There are several actions one should do before use the version from the repository:

  1. Obtain a copy of the repository using git clone, download button, or another way.
  2. Install node.js and npm.
  3. Install Gulp.
  4. Navigate to src/ directory of the local copy of the repository.
  5. Install npm dependencies using npm install.
  6. Run Gulp to build Mibew using gulp default.

Finally .tar.gz and .zip archives of the ready-to-use Mibew will be available in src/release/ directory.

The default task that was used above is just one of many available build tasks. The full list can be got by running gulp -T in src/ directory of Mibew repository. Here is descripion of the most frequently used tasks:

  • gulp rebuild: installs all necessary dependencies and compile (minifies, concats, ...) all files that should be compiled. The result of the task is a redy-to-use development version of Mibew.
  • gulp default: the same as gulp rebuild but also packs the sources into archives under src/release/ directory.
  • gulp phpcs: runs PHP Code Sniffer to check if the sources follows coding style.